Monday, April 06, 2009

April in Chicago... far too much like January for my taste. Today started out with sun, turned into a downpour by 3pm, and was snowing by 5pm. It's now almost midnight and still snowing. This is the forecast for tomorrow:

On Sunday, the snow/rain/sleet grossness is not such a huge deal because I can stay in, clean, and watch some TV (assuming our satellite dish doesn't lose its signal due to crappy weather like it did tonight). On Monday, however, I have to figure out what I can wear that doesn't include snow boots but will keep my feet warm and dry, and will be both work- and concert-appropriate, since we're going to see a show tomorrow night (Glasvegas, for the record). I'm not a huge fan of Sunday/Monday night shows, but sometimes you don't have a choice. I hate to keep complaining about the weather, because really, I should know what to expect and complaining doesn't ever solve anything, but it's completely draining.

Jon finally forced me to watch Changeling this weekend. I actually liked it a little more than I thought I would. I was surprised that I'd never heard of the case before. You would think a man that killed as many as 20 young boys would be a larger part of the general consciousness, even so many decades later.

One last movie note: We saw Observe & Report last Wednesday. I meant to write something up about it, but found that when I sat down to do it, I didn't really know what to say. I don't want to discourage people from seeing it, because it's not bad...but I don't want anyone, on my recommendation, going to see it and not liking it because they didn't know what they were in for. I have no problem suggesting films like I Love You, Man, because they hold pretty true to the way they're being advertised and if you like that kind of movie, you won't be disappointed. With O&R, it's entirely possible you won't like it because you wanted something different for your $10.

Confusing? Sorry. Let me put it this way. If The Village hadn't been billed (in my opinion) as a horror film, I may not have been as hugely disappointed in it when I saw it. Going into O&R, I knew what to expect, but most people won't. They'll see Seth Rogen and Anna Farris' names attached and think "lighthearted, goofy mall cop comedy" when that couldn't be further from the truth.

This is the email we all got from Steve at the Movies before going to the screening:
The film is called OBSERVE AND REPORT, starring Seth Rogen and Anna Faris, from writer-director Jody Hill (THE FOOT FIST WAY and HBO's "Eastbound and Down"). Yes, this is the Seth Rogen mall cop movie, but please do not think that this film bares even the slightest resemblance to PAUL BLART. This movie is about as dark as dark comedies get these days. Comparisons have been drawn with TAXI DRIVER and THE KING OF COMEDY. In fact, think of this film as "What if TAXI DRIVER had been a comedy..." There are easily a half-dozen jaw-dropping moments in this movie, and in many ways O&R changes the current landscape of R-rated comedies. It's that messed a good way.
Like I said, it's not all. In fact, I liked it. But I had an idea of what I was about to see. And if you're looking for a proper review, since I'm too lazy to come up with the words, check out Tankboy's take. I pretty much agree with all of it. Especially the part about Aziz.

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I hate the weather! I wish it would warm up already )=