Sunday, May 10, 2009

Temporarily Out of Order

So this happened to my computer last week, forcing a temporary hiatus from all things technological. It's since gotten much worse. The crack now reaches almost completely across the screen and the (dramatic) white space at the bottom is widening by the day. I suppose I could have gotten it fixed, but I don't know how much it would cost for parts and labor on a cracked screen and I didn't really care to do the required research. Considering the damn machine is over 3 years old, the 80 GB hard drive is completely full and it's been running like molasses recently anyway, I decided to break the bank and just get a new one. So here I am, waiting for my shiny new (Cherry Red) toy for who knows how long...hopefully I'll have it by next weekend. If not, I might be going nuts.

In a way, getting me away from the computer for two weeks is probably is a good thing, but the waiting process is a little excruciating. I even went to the gym today...on purpose! I mean, c'mon! It's amazing how addicted I've become to my laptop, phone, camera and iPod. It would be hard for me to truly live without any of those things for an extended amount of time. My name is Alissa, and I have a problem.

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Camera Crazy said...

LOL--me to except for the phone.