Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kinda ranty.

I have small bone to pick with Top Chef. WHY, oh why would you eliminate a person who stepped out of their comfort zone to make something that they've never tried before over a person who took the safe route and made something they make every day at their restaurant, and still could not make it well?

Ok, ostrich egg anything sounds gross to me, and sure, it was probably terrible judging by the reactions of the judges when they took a bite, but Padma SPIT OUT the lemon meringue dessert thingy!!! C'mon now! I don't know her name and am too lazy to look it up, but she is obviously terrible. Wasn't she in the bottom last week as well? Is she going to be the next Lisa, skating by all season and making it into the final three?

She is older and should be wiser and more experienced. I have seen nothing spectacular or dynamic about her and she obviously doesn't know how to cook so get her off of my TV already!

Ok, that's all. Other than that, I still love the bloody show.

Since my last post I have bought two dresses, a 5-piece suitcase set, all of the toiletries I need for my trip, and all I have left to do is pack, buy cat food, and get to sleep early tonight (which is always my intention, but rarely pans out as planned).

In other news, my boyfriend bought a new 42" TV to play his video games on, which should be waiting for us when we get back from Florida (well, the Monday after anyway). This means I will be able to have control over the smaller TV, which is hooked up to the DVR/cable and the Wii, so I can play hours upon hours of Animal Crossing. Small victories. ;)

Technically both televisions are his, but I'm poor and he's not, know. Besides, my next substantial purchase will hopefully be a Mac. One of the huge desktop ones. Sometimes size matters. It will probably have to wait until after the holidays and maybe after Valentine's Day, but it WILL happen.

Off to get some lunch now since I was running late and didn't have time to make one. Florida tomorrow!

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StrikerObi said...

I totally agree with your Top Chef rant. You can't have something SPIT OUT and then stay on the show.