Thursday, December 04, 2008

Party tiiiiime!

My first of two office holiday parties is tonight. Jon's place of employment celebrates in Darien (a suburb of Chicago and where the company originated) at a golf course clubhouse or something like it. It was at the same place last year. Drinks for the first hour, then food and presentations. It was a good time, but seriously...on a THURSDAY? Why? I know why. They don't want us to hang around all night and drink and get rowdy because there is work the next day. Bottom line, understandable, but kinda Scroogey, right?

My holiday party is coming up in just over a week. Now THAT will be a rowdy one if last year is any indication. Unlimited free drinks and a dance floor. Yeah. My goal is to not stay out until 5am this time, though.

Nothing else to really say. Just wanted to do this because I have this theory that posting might not be as daunting if it's habitual.

Oh, and if you're wondering what I'm doing for New Years Eve this year, I've bought tickets for Jon and I to go to this. I've the Dandys twice already and they were great. Met them a couple of times, and they were kinda douchey (except Zia who was super sweet), but I don't mind a douchey rock star. It's part of the charm, innit?

Ok, bye!

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