Monday, January 19, 2009

The Lolz

I found this hilarious and just had to share! I wish I could pay my way through life with drawings. Everything would be so much easier, wouldn't it?

Just a quick post because I'm off to read this book for my possible (who knows if it will actually happen!) book club on Wednesday. Seeing The Killers tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll have all sorts of lovely things to talk about next time.

Oh, and speaking of the book I'm reading...the first few times I picked it up, I was amazed at how Curtis Sittenfeld was able to write the lead character. You can usually tell when a male author is trying to writing a female, even if it is relatively well done. I thought (and even said out loud to Jon), "This is the first guy I've ever read that really knows how to capture the essence and thoughts of a woman!" The next day, I found out that Curtis is a chick. Yeah. Less impressed. Still a fairly interesting read so far, though. Full review when I finish...if I don't get too lazy.

And since I probably won't get to post tomorrow: Bring on President Barack Obama! Woot!


abellwillring said...

How funny and weird! Did you ever find out what happened to David in the end?

Camera Crazy said...

This post was so fun--I should be getting ready instead of smiling my way through your post!