Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ok, I'm going to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote a band that you should be listening to. I first heard The Boxer Rebellion while I was in the FSU Study Abroad program in London in 2005. Nathan had apparently come to London to study a few years earlier and while he was there, was determined to join a band. Boy has pipes. He found a band. He ended up staying...and that band is The Boxer Rebellion.

My professor, who had taught Nathan before his exit from the program, told our class about the band. My flatmate, Megan, raved about them. One of the girls who helped run the office on our downtown London "campus" was dating the bassist. I was surrounded by them. I couldn't seem to avoid hearing their name. One night, everyone planned a trip to go to their show, so I tagged along. I have seen my fair share of friends' bands and friends-of-friends' bands play over the years, so I wasn't expecting too much. Not only did I enjoy the concert, I was blown away.

Before they'd gone on stage, I had been chatting to them about music in general and their influences as a band. I wanted to gauge what I was in for and how drunk I should get. They talked about their love for Radiohead and I was intrigued. Radiohead isn't an easy band to channel and still sound unique, so I really wanted to see what they'd do. Though you can definitely hear that they are a band that may enjoy Radiohead, they don't come across as a copycat act or like they are trying too hard to be anyone but The Boxer Rebellion. That's a good thing. I saw them a couple more times while I was in London, and every time was great.

They aren't simply a good live band, though. On record, they sound crisp, clear, moody, cocky yet sensitive, and absolutely beautiful. I've listened to Exits again and again and it never loses its shine. I haven't heard their newest offering just yet, so I can't comment on it specifically, but I know it's worth the $5.99 price on iTunes right now. That's's only $5.99. And so is Exits. Even better, their new single is FREE. Why? It's the "Global Single of the Week", that's why.

"In an unprecedented move, iTunes have awarded the band a “Global Single of the Week” spot on January 13th for the track “Evacuate”, which will run across every iTunes store on the planet.

Mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Feeder) and mastered by Kevin Metcalfe (U2, Prodigy), ‘Union’ has also been awarded the Editor’s Choice album slot by iTunes US which will see it receive main page and front page coverage."

So here's the deal, if you're afraid of spending the cash, get the free single, but do yourself a favor and check out some of their earlier songs (some of which can be found on MySpace -- try We Have This Place Surrounded and thank me later).

This is one band I believe in, people! Not just because they are great guys, but because I think you'll still be hearing about them in five years. And can you believe Nathan is American? From Tennessee?!? (edit: I've seen them compared to Kings of Leon in the past couple of weeks, possibly due to the Tennessee connection.)

In other news, Ryan Adams is apparently quitting music. For now. First Joaquin Phoenix quits acting for music and now this. Stick to what you do well, boys! C'mon now. How long do I think this impromptu retirement will last? I give it less than a year. If Mr. Adams is known for one thing, it's being prolific. He can't stop making music. It's in his blood. Mark my words.

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