Thursday, January 08, 2009


I know my fellow FSU alumni will disagree with me, but seriously...does anyone deserve it more? I mean he's a quarterback and he had over 100 yards rushing. That just opens it up for the offense so much. It really is an asset to have a running quarterback. I admit it, finally.

So Florida lost a heartbreaker early on in the season and bounced back more than I ever thought they could. I gave up on them, but they didn't give up on themselves. That, my friends, is a lesson. Good on the Gators. Shame on me. I am such a baby when it comes to "my teams"...I've been an emotional wreck all night. Up and down based on the score. The Gators technically never trailed, but I am a football pessimist, so when it's tied, I fear the worst. It's just in my nature. Blame decades of being a Dolphins fan. But for the record, Jon is totally right, I AM scary when I care. I like to think it's part of my charm?

This is exactly why I can't watch important games around other people. I don't like to let strangers see me cry. On another note, the commercials during the game tonight were 100 times funnier than the ones during the last Superbowl. Go figure. And look at me blogging about something in a timely manner! Maybe I will be able to preserve some of my current life for posterity after all. Thanks, Blogger.


This is the last time I will blog about football until September*, I promise.

*Not including generic Superbowl chatter, mostly concerning the commercials, and possible draft stuff (especially if Tebow decides to go pro for some bizarre reason).

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